Personal Colour Analysis $190.00

This is a personal colour analysis that includes every aspect from head to toe, including hair colour, makeup, clothing and shoe shades, jewellery, accessories and spectacles. You take away with you your personalised palette of colours and informative notes on how these tones work together.

Body and Style Consultation $190.00

Together we will deal with every aspect of your appearance and provide you with advice on what suits your body and face shape. You will receive your unique style booklet with information on creating a capsule wardrobe, putting outfits together, accessorising and shopping hints specific to you.

Makeover Value Pack $355.00

A wonderful deal to create a unique expression of you! Book a Personal Colour Analysis together with a Body and Style Consultation at this discounted price.

Wardrobe Audit $75.00 p/h

Does decluttering your wardrobe seem too overwhelming to contemplate? Let me help! A minimum of 2 hours to analyse your garments, give advice on what to keep and what not. Tips on how to update existing garments, creating different combinations and identify gaps.

Personal Shopping $75.00 p/h

Would you like to save time, money and frustration? Come with me on a personal shopping trip. We will focus on purchasing clothes and accessories that add greater flexibility and style to your wardrobe. Avoid costly mistakes by choosing clothes you love and will wear time and time again.

Your Unique Expression $100.00 pp

This is a day workshop 10.30am – 4.00pm with lunch included. Together we work through a series of questions and discussions, exploring styles, textures, colours and designs along with recognising your passions, personality and life style we can get an insight into your own wonderful Unique Expression. The desired outcome of the day is to identify a style word or words that form the basis of who you are, it will make shopping easier resulting in wearing clothes you will love! Contact Dresscode for more details and to secure a place in the next workshop.

Second Chance Fashion Show $40.00 pp

A fantastic, fun and relaxed way to discover styles that suit you! We meet at the $3.00 Recycled clothes shop where you choose an outfit you will later model! Although the emphasis is on fun it is a wonderful opportunity look at styles that suit your body shape and see how minor alteration can totally change the look. ( Price include 3 $3.00 garments.) Contact Dresscode for more details and to secure a place at the next Second Chance Fashion show, or get a group of your friends together and make a date for a fun afternoon!

Successful Shopping $30.00 pp

Yes, shopping can be successful! This is a two hour workshop that will help take the frustration out of shopping and give you the skills to purchase clothes you love and will actually wear. Like any project there are certain steps along the way to ensure success, this workshop will identify steps you need to take for this to happen. Book this workshop and receive a $25.00 discount off a two hour personal shopping trip.

Makeup Application Class $30.00 pp

Updating your makeup is a wonderfully easy first step to creating a new look! This is a relaxed hands on class: you can bring your own makeup if you wish my kit of Simply Gorgeous makeup and Beauty Kiss brushes will be available for you to use.