Fashion Feng Shui is an innovative, transformational dressing technique inspired by Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement. Based on the premise that you live a happier, healthier, more prosperous existence when your living and working environments are harmonious and balanced.

Fashion Feng Shui, which considers clothing to be your body’s most intimate environment, applies Feng Shui philosophy and principles to personal appearance. Using the energetic language of natures five elements; Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal to describe physical appearance, preferences and goals, lifestyle, and clothing design elements. It teaches you how to dress with mindfulness and intention so that your clothes express your authenticity. 

Would you like your clothes to express who you really are?

What would you like to attract into your life? 

By having a Fashion Feng Shui consultation with me I can help you change what you wear to transform your look and your life. This is the power of dressing with intention.

At a consultation I will

Evaluate your Essence
Identify your Intentions
Analyse your Appearance
Synchronize your Style

Personal Consultation $300.00
Group Workshops $175.00

“Having already gained so much from previously having a colour and style consultation with Gwen, I was really curious to do Gwen’s Fashion Feng Shui session to find out more about how what I wear influences my outcomes. It was so interesting to learn how to purposefully use my clothing choices to set me on the right path to create the life I want – and how maybe some of my previous choices have limited me without me even being aware of it! Gwen made the consultation fun and her natural warmth put me at ease and made the session so informative and enjoyable. If you want to be able to dress with intention to create what you want in your life, I highly recommend doing Gwen’s Fashion Feng Shui consultation.”

Kirsten –

“I have had a couple of consults with Gwen and have found them invaluable. They have taken the stress, uncertainty and indecision out shopping and deciding what to wear on a day to day basis. In particular, I found the Fashion Fen Shui consult really pulled everything together for me. I didn’t realise previously, but I definitely have an affinity with certain colours, fabric, and styles of dress, which explains why I have items in my wardrobe that I wear to death, and others that sit at the back never to be worn! This consult helped me to identify what I feel comfortable wearing and what suits my personality, but also what items and colours to wear when I want to achieve a specific task or intention. Gwen’s experience, warmth and enthusiasm leave you feeling excited about your next shopping trip, and make you want to go home and purge your wardrobe. Her consults really are great value!”

– Phillippa –